Home Security Checks

Second Home Property Check For a Piece of Mind and Protection
If you’re leaving your residential vacation home for an extended period of time we can help your home stay safe and secure while you’re away.
  • An inspection report is sent to you after every visit to ensure open communication and to report general condition or problem areas in your home.
  • A complete interior room-to-room walk-thru inspection.
  • Checking all windows and doors, making sure they are locked and not damaged.
  • Complete inside and outside check.
  • Water plants and grass as needed.
  • Look for any type of leaks or dripping.
  • Flush all toilets and run facets. Hoses. Run hot water- sitting hot water starts to stink badly. Also helps with built up in water tank and pipes.
  • Any sign of break-in, vandalism.
  • Will take out and in garbage if requested or needed.
  • Let us know of any special requests. Ex. Some clients like us to start their
    cars for a few minutes. Check on small animals such as birds to feed.
  • Alarm systems are on and operational. A monitored alarm system serves two basic purposes: First, it can trip a siren that will scare an intruder away; second, it alerts the alarm company who can send a response to your home.
  • Lights are on/off, programmable timers are set. Timers help you program lights, radios, televisions and other devices to turn on and off at certain times of the day to give the impression that someone is home when the house is actually empty.
Service charge averages about $ 30.00 per visit.
We're not a franchise but just a professional  local business highly recommended by our clients to your friends and neighbors.  Take time to read our positive reviews and call us for more information and free quote.
Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8am thru 5pm.
(435) 628-2173
Apple Valley
New Harmony
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